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Spotify Premium APK Mod Latest No Root April 2021

If you are searching for Spotify Premium Apk 2021 so that you can easily access to Spotify Premium for free, then you are at the right place.

If you are a song lover, then you will be familiar with Spotify.

You must have an idea of how irritating the free version is? 

Spotify free version allows you to skip only six songs every hour, and lots of advertisements will frustrate you.

You never want to spoil the fun because of ads.

We have a solution for this problem.

You can use Spotify Premium Apk and skip unlimited songs every hour.

Now, you wouldn’t have to wait to listen to the music of your choice.

More importantly, you can enjoy music without ad interruptions.

In this Spotify Mod Apk, you will enjoy many premium features for free.

You wouldn’t have to do any premium subscriptions.

Spotify Freemium

How Spotify Premium Apk Works?

It is the cracked version of the original Spotify App. It allows you to:

  • Listen to your favorite podcasts and songs.
  • Discover new music albums.
  • You can enjoy a playlist that is only made for you.
  • You can create your own playlist.
  • Find music according to your mood.
  • No device restriction, you can use it on tablet and android mobile.

With Spotify Apk Premium, you can listen to any music, playlist, podcast, and albums for free.

It allows you to discover new albums and listen to your favorite artist.

More importantly, you can choose songs according to your mood and activity.

How to Download Spotify Premium ApkComplete Guide

spotify Premium Apk

If you are interested in downloading Latest Spotify Premium Apk, then you can visit

Here is a good news for you, we have personally tried and tested Spotify Free Apk Premium and it is safe to use and virus free.

spotify Premium Apk

On this page, you will always get the latest version of this android app so that you can bookmark this page in your browser.

What Features Spotify Premium Apk Offers?

As it is mentioned earlier, you will enjoy all the features of the Spotify Premium app for free.

Some of the main features of Spotify Premium Mod Apk are given below:

 Everything Unlimited

spotify Premium Apk

If you are already a user of Spotify Premium Free, then you must have an idea that you can skip only six songs per hour.

It can be frustrating for users.

But the good news is Spotify Premium Mod Apk has removed the limits, and you will get everything unlimited.

You can skip and shuffle unlimited songs and podcasts.

 No More Ads

spotify Premium Apk

Whether you are watching a movie on YouTube or reading an article on Google, you never want ads to disturb you.

The best feature of this free Spotify Premium Apk is no more ads.

Both the visual and audio ads have been removed from this app to make your experience interruption-free.

Now you can listen to unlimited songs without any disturbance of advertisements.

 Download Music And Listen Offline

spotify Premium Apk

The only disadvantage of this Spotify Premium Apk offline mode is you can’t listen to music when you are offline.

Don’t worry; I have a solution to this problem.

You can download unlimited songs when you have data, and you can listen to them offline.

These downloaded songs can be helpful when you are traveling, and you want to save data.

 Create Unlimited Playlists

spotify Premium Apk

The best part of Spotify Premium Apk free is you can create unlimited playlists.

The advantage of unlimited playlists is that you can play according to your mood.

In the Spotify Premium Free version, you have limited options.

 Play Any Song

spotify Premium Apk

In Spotify Premium Free version, you can’t directly play your favorite song, and you will have to wait or skip other songs.

With Spotify Premium Mod Apk, you can play any song of your choice.

 Extreme Sound Quality

spotify Premium Apk

The soundtrack is available in three qualities, such as normal, high, and extreme.

Extreme quality is the best and premium quality.

In extreme quality, music is played at 320kbps, and it makes your experience more enjoyable.

 No Root Is Required

spotify Premium Apk

Another interesting feature of Apk Spotify Premium is you don’t have to root your device to play this app.

More importantly, you wouldn’t have to install any 3rd party app for using this app.

As you know, most of the apk apps require 3rd party apps and roots, but you wouldn’t have to do this with Spotify Premium Mod Apk.

Some More Exciting Features of Spotify Premium Apk Android Are:

  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Search enabled
  • Seek FWD button
  • Repeats enabled
  • Extreme audio unlocked
  • Unlocked Spotify Connect

So, what are you waiting for?

Download Spotify Premium Apk latest version and enjoy all these features.

Before We Begin

Step 1: If You Already Have Spotify App Uninstall it

spotify Premium Apk

Before downloading Spotify Premium Mod Apk from our website, kindly uninstall the Spotify app that you already have on your phone.

Step 2: Create a Second Account

When you use the Free Spotify Premium account or Spotify Premium Apk, the Spotify Company considers it a bad activity.

There is a strong possibility that they may take action and ban the accounts of those users who are using Free Spotify Premium Apk.

So, if you don’t want your main Spotify account to get restricted, then create a second account to use Spotify Premium mod app.

It will hardly take 5 minutes to create a new email, and you can enjoy Spotify Apk Premium without any fear.

The best thing about Spotify Premium Mod Apk is you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere and anytime.

More importantly, you can enjoy all these features for free, and you wouldn’t have to pay even a single penny.

How to Install Spotify Premium Apk on Android?

You can easily install Spotify Premium Mod Apk without any technical knowledge.

Installation and use of Spotify Premium Free Apk Android are easy and straightforward.

If you are not familiar with how to install apk apps, then follow the below-given step-by-step guide:

Step 1

spotify Premium Apk

If you are using any old version of Spotify Premium Apk, then delete it first and download the latest version from this page.

The app version you will get from our website will have no root requirements.

Step 2

spotify Premium Apk

If you have a new android device, you will have to make a few changes.

For the first time, you will have to enable third-party applications from settings.

You will have to do the below-given steps:

spotify Premium Apk

Step 3

spotify Premium Apk

Give permission in the above step and now open Apk File.

If you haven’t given permission, then it wouldn’t work.

Step 4

spotify Premium Apk

Click on the install option, and after a few seconds, it will be installed.

However, installation speed depends on the speed of your device.

Step 5

spotify Premium Apk

When the installation process is complete, now open the latest Spotify Premium Apk.

Step 6

spotify Premium Apk

For this, you have two options either to visit Spotify and create an account there or you can directly do it inside the application.

I think the second option is the best.

Step 7

spotify Premium Apk

Now you have to log in to Spotify Premium hack apk, and after that, you are done.

Now you can enjoy ad-free music.

Step 8

spotify Premium Apk

After following all the steps, you are all set to enjoy your favorite songs on your android device.

Spotify Premium Apk for Androidcan be accessed by different modes.

But, it is recommended to use the Free Trial Version and without rooted one.

Spotify Apk rooted process is complex, so avoid it.

Spotify Apk Premium Offline Mode 2021

In some areas, internet connection is poor, so what will you do?

Can you stop listening to music?

No, you wouldn’t do that. You still want to listen to songs.

There are millions of songs, and you can’t keep them all in your mobile storage.

You will have to install Spotify Premium Apk Offline Mode, and it will help you to listen to your favorite songs anywhere and anytime.

Just make sure that your phone has enough charging.

To enjoy Spotify Apk Premium Offline Mode 2021, follow the below-given steps:

  • Create a playlist that you love to hear many times a day.
  • Search all the songs on the Spotify Premium Apk version.
  • When you try to open a song, they will give you a download option.
  • You can download songs when you have good internet.
  • When the internet is poor, you can hear them.

You can enjoy this feature on Android and IPhone as well.

You will not enjoy this feature in Spotify Premium App.

How To Download Music From Spotify?

Spotify Premium mod wouldn’t allow you to download music from Spotify for online listening.

Some Spotify features require a direct connection to the server, which you can only access when you have Spotify Premium Account.

Don’t worry; we have a 100% working solution for you.

Now, you can listen to music when you are offline.

If you have an internet issue and you still want to download music, then you will have to use an alternative music streaming service.

Have you ever heard about Deezer?

It is another music streaming service.

It offers more than 56 million music, audio channels, podcasts, radio stations, and soundtracks.

What is the best thing about Deezer?

Its premium allows you to download music even when you are offline.

The Mod version of Deezer will unlock everything.

You will have to download Deezer free apk, and you are all set to download music when offline.

The installation process is very simple and self-explanatory.

You can use it as an alternative to Spotify Premium Apk for offline mode.

What is the Difference between Spotify Free Version and Spotify Premium?

Without any doubt, Spotify has become the biggest music streaming provider.

Spotify Premium allows you to listen to your online music.

They offer massive music collection to their online servers.

You can enjoy music streaming services of Spotify in two ways.

One is the Premium Version, and the second one is the Free or Freemium Version.

So, let’s have a look at some of the differences between these two versions.

Spotify FreemiumSpotify Premium
You can enjoy a basic set of features.Unlimited features.
Advertisement interruptions.No or zero advertisement.
You can’t download music for offline listening.Allows you to download music for offline listening.
The soundtrack quality is set to 128kbps.The sound quality is extremely high. For example 320kbps.
Unlimited listening time.Get unlimited skips and shuffling.
No rewind and forward options.Seek, rewind, and forward options.
Can’t use a music repeat option.The music repeat option is unlocked.
Audio and video ads will be displaying during songs.Blocked audio and video ads.

So Spotify Premium Apk is a much better choice than Spotify Freemium.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free Apk Forever?

Are you tired of using Spotify free?

You need to try Spotify Premium Apk free.

You will find lots of other applications for music streaming like Google Play Music, Deezer, and Apple iTunes, but Spotify’s full premium apk stands out of them.

It is unique and different from others because it offers a variety of features.

In Spotify free version, there are always some problems, like you can’t directly choose any song, Annoying Ads, Spotify Connect, and some other features are blocked.

So, if you don’t have money to spend on Spotify subscriptions, then this website is for you.

It will solve all your problems because you can get the Latest Spotify Premium Apk right now.

Many people end up getting trapped by downloading the Spotify Premium Cracked Apk version.

Some malicious website injects some third-party applications.

So there is always a virus and security threat.

When you do that, you are likely to be attacked by the Trojans and Malware.

They will directly crash your phone.

So, stay away from unknown sources and download Premium Spotify Apk from our website.

More importantly, you will get the latest versions of this app from our site.

The Spotify Premium Beta Apk version has also been released.

It allows you to hear the radio and many more things.

If you want to download it, you will have to uninstall your previous Spotify Apk Premium.  

How to Fix Spotify Incorrect Username and Password?

When you try to login to your account, your app shows an error message, such as an incorrect username or password.

How will you fix this issue?

There is a solution to this problem.

The email and password login method is no more working.

However, the Facebook login works well.

If you are already using a Facebook app, then for a moment, disable it or uninstall it.

Now open your Spotify app and choose the “Facebook login” option.

Now, a pop-up webpage will open that will show a Facebook login screen.

Just enter your Facebook login details and click on the login button.

Allow the Spotify app to access the required information.

Once you have successfully logged in, you can enjoy all the Spotify Premium Mod Apk features that are discussed earlier.  

How to Get Spotify Premium if Not Available in Your Country?

You have successfully installed the Spotify Premium, but you can’t use it if it’s not available in your country.

Almost all the apps have some licensing rights issues, so it might not work in your country. 

Don’t worry because every problem has a solution.

You have to download the latest version of Spotify Premium Apk and install it on your phone.

Turn on your computer or laptop and install a free VPN, and create a free US account for Spotify.

Remember, you have to choose a free account and properly validate it.

After completing this process, you can log in to your Spotify app.

Remember, you will still have to use VPN to listen to any content even you are using it on a mobile phone.

Usually, Spotify doesn’t check frequently, so you can keep a VPN on your phone to show that you are from the US or any supported country.

It can work well, and you can enjoy all the features, but be aware that they can pull the plug any time and stop access to your account at any time.

However, they might not be doing this every time, but it can cause problems in the future.


I hope you have enjoyed our complete guide about how to download, install, and use Spotify Premium Apk Latest version.

I believe that this guide will clear your lots of queries.

Follow the above-given steps and enjoy unlimited music.

Don’t forget to bookmark our website because we will be sharing the latest version of Spotify App Premium whenever it launches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify Premium free apk is the Modded version of the official Spotify Android App.

Spotify Apk Premium allows you to use all the features of Spotify Premium for free.

By using Spotify Premium Mod apk, you can play millions of songs and podcasts for free and without any advertisement.

How to Get Spotify Premium Apk?

You don’t have to go anywhere.

Just bookmark our website, and you will get the latest version of the working Spotify Premium Apk.

Keep visiting the site so that you can use the latest version.

How to Download Spotify Premium Apk?

The download process is very simple and straightforward.

You will have to click on the download button, and your app will start downloading.

More importantly, you don’t have to download any third-party app.

You will get the apk app that has no root requirement.

How to Use Spotify Premium Mod Apk?

Once you have downloaded and installed the apk app, you can log in to the app and start using it without any second thought.

It is simple and straightforward to use.

How Does Spotify Premium Mod Apk Works?

Spotify Premium is the hacked and modified version of the original app.

The purpose of this app is to unlock all the Spotify Premium features without paying money.

More importantly, on android devices, you can use it for an unlimited period.

Is It Safe to Use Spotify Premium Apk 2021?

The entire process from downloading to use is completely safe.

Thorough testing is done before an app is introduced to the market.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk is found to be completely virus-free and no security issues have been found.

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